One year plus and still going

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Happy Holidays, it has been exactly one year since my last post, and my journey has been rather easy.  In January my computer died and I was unable to blog on my monthly progress. Anyway here is the year in a nutshell.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was still working to find a good hair conditioning recipe that I was  comfortable in trying.  In February I began experimenting with deep conditioners recipes I found on the Internet.  The first recipe I tried was a Honey, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil recipe…. My hair smelled nice and felt soft, however the application was very messy… the ingredients did not fully combine, they kept separating the honey stayed at the bottom and the oils remained at the top and it was very difficult to apply. So I thought to myself, “Been There Done That” and tried other deep conditioning recipes.  Here are a few of deep conditioner recipes I loved and really worked:

Natural85 YouTube video: DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner ACV Eggs, Mayo, and Honey (

In March, my aunt asked me to look for a remedy to get rid of dandruff because my niece had excessive dandruff.  I searched the web… and found several recipes and nothing worked.  I was about to give up. Then I found a Lemon Cucumber Smoothie clarifying shampoo recipe that worked wonders.  Therefore,  I decided to add this smoothie recipe to my hair care regiment for my clarifying needs. Check out the link below for the Lemon Cucumber Clarifying Shampoo recipe.

Finally in April, I began to notice a substantial amount of hair growth I had more natural hair than relaxed hair. Therefore I decided to cut off the remaining relaxed ends.  With my hair all natural, I tried a homemade flax seed gel recipe that worked well. Since my not so “Big Chop”, in April, my hair has grown approximately five inches; and is full and healthy.


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