Six months plus and still going


DSCN0936When I first began this journey, although I had the support of friends and relatives that went through the process, there were a few naysayers  “I give you one month“,  “you won’t last six months“, “I tried it and I got tired after the third month“.  Experience has taught me that not everything works out the same for everybody.  Also , there is a wealth of information on the internet on natural hair care including recipes. When I decide to go natural, I also made a decision not to be a “natural hair product junkie” I stuck to the basics,  shampoo, conditioner, and scalp cream/grease.

Some time last month, my aunt commented “why do a blog and not give your secrets” although she has not read my blog she was right. So here goes.

1. Set a hair care regimen, shampoo once a week

2. Grease scalp every other day (2 to 3 times a week)

3.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

I downloaded Heather Katsonga-Woodward e-book “How to Grow Long, Healthy Natural Black Hair” and  purchased Carol’s Daughter Transition Kit at beginning. However I found a shampoo recipe online that I loved, and a recipe for Shea Butter hair cream which has worked rather excellent with my hair. I am still working to find a good hair conditioning recipe I am comfortable in trying.

This month has been quite eventful, I am happy to say that I have braided my hair for the first time and it came out rather nice.  I decided to do the big chop for my job’s Holiday Gala, however my  cousin/hairdresser was not quite ready to see me that way.  We came to a compromise and I looked gorgeous… my co-workers did not even recognize me.  That evening I attended two events, the Holiday Gala and My Brother’s 50th Birthday celebration.   Words cannot describe how I felt with all the compliments I received.  Its amazing what a little makeup, new hairdo and the perfect dress can do!!!

checkout the links below, Happy Holidays!!!

DSCN0918DSCN0922  DSCN0919DSCN0921     DSCN0927DSCN0929DSCN0926


2 thoughts on “Six months plus and still going

  1. I loooove, looove, love, love your hair! I enjoy reading your blog! Forget about the naysayers… They will be the same ones in the upcoming years asking you ” what you put in your hair?” Keep it up Aunty I’m proud of you… You look great!!

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