Sometimes its really hard to let go!!

This past month has been rather interesting. In my last post I mention clipping my ends to avoid additional breakage. Well that was an understatement.  My hair stylist not only clipped my split ends, well she practically chopped it off,  because most of it was very thin and weak.  I took it in stride (I kept reminding myself its just part of the process, it will grow back). A few months ago before I began this journey I would have reacted differently.  I also remembered  my coworker who “rocked her ponytail for two years” while transitioning to natural.  Her advise to me was “Just chop it off” .  I am not quite there yet, however, about one week after my “trim” I finally got enough courage to give away my curling iron, haven’t got rid of the blow dryer yet (“Baby steps”). I have gotten mixed reviews on my new doo, some people love it, others prefer my hair how it was.  From my perspective, I can definitely feel and see the improvements in the health of my hair.

DSCN0790DSCN0793DSCN0791DSCN0792 DSCN0802  IMG_0151   DSCN0803DSCN0807


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