3 Months 1 Inch of Growth

The day after my recent post, I thought I may have spoke too soon.  That day,  I shampooed my hair with my regular shampoo and I noticed a lot of breakage. I started to panic, then I remembered that it was expected.  I had a family member braid my hair and I kept the braid in for two weeks. I started using the Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Kit. The first week I washed my hair with the product and used a wig cap on my head to prevent frizzing. The product worked fine. However, in the second week after I took out the braids and wash my hair with the product, the cleanser caked up in my hair like clay. I continued with the scalp spray, by the time I was finished and rinsed out the anti-breakage treatment, all the gunk was gone from my hair. I still noticed a lot of breakage. Yesterday, I washed my hair using the transitioning kit, there was no gunk, and breakage was at a minimum. After washing my hair, I twisted it. I took out the twist this morning and to my surprise I had about 1″ of new growth. I am so EXCITED!!! This month I plan on clipping my split ends to avoid additional breakage.




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