Journey still smooth sailing no breakage

So far my journey has been smooth sailing… I have recruited some friends and family to assist me on my journey.  I purchased “Carol’s Daughter” Transitioning 123 Kit in addition to the additional products for the Long Grow-Out (Straighter Styler) (– I plan to begin using it this month); downloaded and read the eBook “How to Grow Long, Healthy Natural Black Hair a quick guide by Heather of in addition to researching natural black hair care information on line.  This month I focused on developing my hair care regimen… shampoo and deep condition once a week on Sundays (using my present shampoo and replenishing conditioner until they run out… “waste not want not”), greasing my scalp and hair with coconut oil and Organix “Brazilian Keratin therapy”anti breakage serum at least two times a week.  The week of July 21st, I had a friend braid my hair every one loved it, I kept it in for one week, shampooed my hair with it braided.  The very next day, I got up in the morning upbraided my hair, styled it and went to work… I got soo many wonderful compliments I decided to keep it like that the entire week.  “I felt Awesome!!!!“.

DSCN0743DSCN0748   DSCN0746 DSCN0751    DSCN0754DSCN0753


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