One year plus and still going

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Happy Holidays, it has been exactly one year since my last post, and my journey has been rather easy.  In January my computer died and I was unable to blog on my monthly progress. Anyway here is the year in a nutshell.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was still working to find a good hair conditioning recipe that I was  comfortable in trying.  In February I began experimenting with deep conditioners recipes I found on the Internet.  The first recipe I tried was a Honey, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil recipe…. My hair smelled nice and felt soft, however the application was very messy… the ingredients did not fully combine, they kept separating the honey stayed at the bottom and the oils remained at the top and it was very difficult to apply. So I thought to myself, “Been There Done That” and tried other deep conditioning recipes.  Here are a few of deep conditioner recipes I loved and really worked:


Natural85 YouTube video: DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner ACV Eggs, Mayo, and Honey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSa_F2jyiyM#t=98)




In March, my aunt asked me to look for a remedy to get rid of dandruff because my niece had excessive dandruff.  I searched the web… and found several recipes and nothing worked.  I was about to give up. Then I found a Lemon Cucumber Smoothie clarifying shampoo recipe that worked wonders.  Therefore,  I decided to add this smoothie recipe to my hair care regiment for my clarifying needs. Check out the link below for the Lemon Cucumber Clarifying Shampoo recipe.


Finally in April, I began to notice a substantial amount of hair growth I had more natural hair than relaxed hair. Therefore I decided to cut off the remaining relaxed ends.  With my hair all natural, I tried a homemade flax seed gel recipe that worked well. Since my not so “Big Chop”, in April, my hair has grown approximately five inches; and is full and healthy.


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Six months plus and still going


DSCN0936When I first began this journey, although I had the support of friends and relatives that went through the process, there were a few naysayers  “I give you one month“,  “you won’t last six months“, “I tried it and I got tired after the third month“.  Experience has taught me that not everything works out the same for everybody.  Also , there is a wealth of information on the internet on natural hair care including recipes. When I decide to go natural, I also made a decision not to be a “natural hair product junkie” I stuck to the basics,  shampoo, conditioner, and scalp cream/grease.

Some time last month, my aunt commented “why do a blog and not give your secrets” although she has not read my blog she was right. So here goes.

1. Set a hair care regimen, shampoo once a week

2. Grease scalp every other day (2 to 3 times a week)

3.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

I downloaded Heather Katsonga-Woodward e-book “How to Grow Long, Healthy Natural Black Hair” and  purchased Carol’s Daughter Transition Kit at beginning. However I found a shampoo recipe online that I loved, and a recipe for Shea Butter hair cream which has worked rather excellent with my hair. I am still working to find a good hair conditioning recipe I am comfortable in trying.

This month has been quite eventful, I am happy to say that I have braided my hair for the first time and it came out rather nice.  I decided to do the big chop for my job’s Holiday Gala, however my  cousin/hairdresser was not quite ready to see me that way.  We came to a compromise and I looked gorgeous… my co-workers did not even recognize me.  That evening I attended two events, the Holiday Gala and My Brother’s 50th Birthday celebration.   Words cannot describe how I felt with all the compliments I received.  Its amazing what a little makeup, new hairdo and the perfect dress can do!!!

checkout the links below, Happy Holidays!!!




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Here comes the “itching”

Hi everyone… Happy Holidays!!! it has been a while since my last post… for the most part, my journey has been quite manageable.  However during the month of October, my scalp started to itch like crazy. I asked some relatives and friends who “went natural” and they thought it may be dry scalp… not the case.   Since I greased my scalp every other day and moisturized daily. I decided to do some research on the internet.  I found out that there are several reasons for itchy scalp such as dry scalp,  allergies, dandruff, or bacterial/fungal infection just to name a few.  I also found a few articles that suggested using a combination of water and apple cider vinegar (organic is best). Half and half once applied leave in for half an hour then shampoo. I tried it and surprisingly it worked.  I plan on adding this mixture to my hair care regimen the next time excessive itching occurs.

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Sometimes its really hard to let go!!

This past month has been rather interesting. In my last post I mention clipping my ends to avoid additional breakage. Well that was an understatement.  My hair stylist not only clipped my split ends, well she practically chopped it off,  because most of it was very thin and weak.  I took it in stride (I kept reminding myself its just part of the process, it will grow back). A few months ago before I began this journey I would have reacted differently.  I also remembered  my coworker who “rocked her ponytail for two years” while transitioning to natural.  Her advise to me was “Just chop it off” .  I am not quite there yet, however, about one week after my “trim” I finally got enough courage to give away my curling iron, haven’t got rid of the blow dryer yet (“Baby steps”). I have gotten mixed reviews on my new doo, some people love it, others prefer my hair how it was.  From my perspective, I can definitely feel and see the improvements in the health of my hair.

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3 Months 1 Inch of Growth

The day after my recent post, I thought I may have spoke too soon.  That day,  I shampooed my hair with my regular shampoo and I noticed a lot of breakage. I started to panic, then I remembered that it was expected.  I had a family member braid my hair and I kept the braid in for two weeks. I started using the Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Kit. The first week I washed my hair with the product and used a wig cap on my head to prevent frizzing. The product worked fine. However, in the second week after I took out the braids and wash my hair with the product, the cleanser caked up in my hair like clay. I continued with the scalp spray, by the time I was finished and rinsed out the anti-breakage treatment, all the gunk was gone from my hair. I still noticed a lot of breakage. Yesterday, I washed my hair using the transitioning kit, there was no gunk, and breakage was at a minimum. After washing my hair, I twisted it. I took out the twist this morning and to my surprise I had about 1″ of new growth. I am so EXCITED!!! This month I plan on clipping my split ends to avoid additional breakage.




Journey still smooth sailing no breakage

So far my journey has been smooth sailing… I have recruited some friends and family to assist me on my journey.  I purchased “Carol’s Daughter” Transitioning 123 Kit in addition to the additional products for the Long Grow-Out (Straighter Styler) (– I plan to begin using it this month); downloaded and read the eBook “How to Grow Long, Healthy Natural Black Hair a quick guide by Heather of http://www.NenoNatural.com in addition to researching natural black hair care information on line.  This month I focused on developing my hair care regimen… shampoo and deep condition once a week on Sundays (using my present shampoo and replenishing conditioner until they run out… “waste not want not”), greasing my scalp and hair with coconut oil and Organix “Brazilian Keratin therapy”anti breakage serum at least two times a week.  The week of July 21st, I had a friend braid my hair every one loved it, I kept it in for one week, shampooed my hair with it braided.  The very next day, I got up in the morning upbraided my hair, styled it and went to work… I got soo many wonderful compliments I decided to keep it like that the entire week.  “I felt Awesome!!!!“.

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The decision–8 weeks since my last perm

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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I deided to begin this journey after a chat with one of my coworkers.  My hair is THIN… and have been on relaxers since the third grade, today  I am 42 and decided to take a break from relaxers and hopefully have long thick natural hair.